Social Media as a Way of Life

Today I was asked “how I use social media to spread your passion for topical content”. I sat there thinking for the longest time before I could formulate a response of any kind. I’d never been asked that question before. Everyone in the School of Journalism automatically assumes that they know the answer and that there is only one. The use of the internet is such second nature to the J-school students that they would laugh at a question so seemingly obvious. I, on the other hand, had to mull it over a while before I finally came up with an answer…

Accepting and embracing the powers of the internet I would say that today we use social media more than ever to spread all kinds of information. Because almost everyone has access to the internet it is the most efficient way to relay topical content to a broad audience. Facebook and Twitter have become part of my everyday lifestyle and are, in my opinion, some of the most effective mediums and outlets for information be it news, sports, music, advertisements, etc. Though some critics believe that social media is invasive and disregards privacy it is one’s own choice to join the digital community. I Tweet because I know that my followers are interested in what I have to say and they too are comfortable relaying information over the web. It is convenient, inclusive and constantly evolving. I use social media to spread topical content because I know it is the most accessible, concise, and interesting way to distribute information which I possess and others do not. I believe that in our technologically advanced and digitally blessed world we must recognize Facebook and Twitter as more than just ways to connect with friends. These social mediums are now being used by major corporations in order to gain and distribute information from and to their prospective users. I use Facebook and Twitter not only to keep tabs on my friends and family but to distribute my perspective on issues such as the legalization of gay marriage in Washington, share a video I created on the future of radio, or even blog about my day. It is an information database which I as well as millions of others have access to and it is a very powerful means of expression.

Though I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the Internet (especially coding) I can honestly say that I feel comfortable using any social media site to spread my own variety of topical content. Bring it on Facebook. Come at me Twitter. And Tumblr do your worst. I am ready and excited to interact with other people via the interweb and establish lasting connections which may or may not affect my future occupational endeavors.

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