The Competition for Creativity

I never saw creativity as something to be fought over. That was until I was in the Creative Strategist class at the University of Oregon. Not only am I competing against some of the most creative minds in our society today but I am still trying to find my own creative niche. Sure I always considered myself a decent writer but do I want to do it for a living? There are at least 20 kids in my class that will give you a definitive Y-E-S. And those are they people I’m vying against for a spot at the next great ad agency? Yikes. Starting now and utilizing the time I still have left in college I must actively seek to define my likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and what sets me apart from the rest besides my obscure infatuation with the Food Network. In doing so I will finally feel confident amidst the sea of talent that resides in the J-school. I will no longer suffer the intimidation caused by Final Cut Pro inferiority. I will no longer envy the final profile of someone generations ahead of me in WordPress or Cargo Collective. I will, with time, create equally impressive material after first creating myself.

A list of things to accomplish before senior year:

Take a workshop on…anything

Take a non-advertising class to ensure you are in the right field

Get an internship

Get a job

Learn from your peers

Build your portfolio

Create something outside of class

Keep blogging

Find what inspires you

Have fun and don’t stress the small stuff

If I am able to cross at least half of these off of my list I will feel accomplished.

I’d also like to think that creativity shouldn’t always be a competition. Working with and learning from others is equally important. Collaboration is so important in the world of advertising because regardless of which agency you go to you will always be working with other people. I’m sure every single person in my Creative Strat class could teach me something. If I open myself up to new opportunities and new people I will undoubtedly find my niche.


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