Date With a Sounder

Having been raised in Issaquah, Washington I was lucky enough to be a part of the Seattle sport’s scene. The Mariners, Sonics, Seahawks, and Huskies (admittedly) were all a huge part of my life. It wasn’t until recently, however, that pro soccer came into the picture. When the Sounders arrived in Seattle they brought with them an entirely new culture and Wexley School for Girls helped them do it. Many considered soccer to be a foreign sport played only oversees.  When soccer came to the Americas it was essential to recruit a loyal fan base. Founded just 8 years ago in Seattle,  Wexley School for Girls got involved with the Sounders in 2009. In 2010, “the Sounders asked them to start to build some love for their players, not just the team or match experience.” As a result they came up with a new campaign based of the premise of a dating game show. They, “invited the city of Seattle on a Date With a Sounder” and created ads that introduced the city to the actual players. Make a Date With a Sounder was introduced on Facebook, billboards and in TV spots. With just the right amount of comedy these ads were an instant success as far as Seattle-ites were concerned (or at least the ones I talked to).

My favorite has to be the commercial featuring Jeff Parke, not just because he is one of my favorite players, but because the ad shows his softer side. The ad presents him in a new light as he brings out his dog, Pain Machine, demonstrating that he can be sensitive too. Hot soccer players and baby animals? Good work Wexley.


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