There’s No Such Thing as Indoor Inspiration

I somewhat regret creating my blog on WordPress rather than Tumblr. I have a Tumblr account already that I use to reblog and collage images which I find appealing or in some way represent my personality. I spend so much time on Tumblr already that I feel as though a second blog on the same website would have been far more convenient. But in an attempt to escape my comfort zone I chose to create my Creative Strat blog using WordPress. Familiarizing myself with more than one site will benefit me more in the future and I know that agencies and companies appreciate the ability to use sites like WordPress.

Anyways back to what this blog post is really about, Graphic Designer Megan Matsuoka. I was tumbling the other day (go figure) and came across her 100 Posters in 100 Days project. She chose inspirational quotes to use as her content and assembled them in interesting and attractive ways which further reflect their meaning. She has set for herself the goal of creating one hundred posters in one hundred days (one per day) with only one rule–each graphic must be completed within one hour. This rule was created so that the project would not take up her entire life because let’s be honest one cannot create inspirational things if she herself has not lived. This advice sounded all too familiar and then I remembered back to a video we watched in class. WPP‘s Jon Steel said the same thing about effective account planners. He claims that it you are going to make connections as a planner and understand those who you are trying to influence, “it’s essential that you experience real life and that you spend a decent amount of time every day out in the real world.” I found it interesting that someone such as Steel would actually require his employees to spend time away from the office. Interesting and inspiring. I hope I someday work for someone with a similar strategy in building brand relationships and “brand promises”. I believe that there are some things that cannot be learned behind a desk  or in a classroom.And that it is interacting and doing rather than reading and listening which truly engender lasting knowledge.

Again back to the subject of this post Megan Matsuoka. I admire her use of colors and typography to convey inspiration not just in the words themselves but in how they are presented. Here are a few of my favorites thus far but I have every intention of checking back sporadically as she still has close to 30 days left.

Balance between work and play is important…even in life after college.


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