An Advertiser’s Addiction

After listening to Erica Ciszek’s presentation on data visualization I came across this interesting infographic demonstrating the discrepancy between social media use by advertising professionals vs. “normal people”. To suggest that advertising professionals are not “normal” is an entirely accurate statement in this case. Christine Champagne, author of INFOGRAPHIC CONFIRMS IT: ADVERTISING PEOPLE ARE NOT NORMAL, addresses how ad people live in a bubble of some sorts and remain, “worlds apart from the ‘normal’ people when it comes to how they use social media and how they view social media marketing”. A study conducted by the San Francisco-based advertising agency Heat this past month supplied the figures for this data visualization. This study also correlates these bubble-dwelling social media creatives with stereotypical bad behavior. Reinforcing the hit AMC show Mad Men‘s artful depiction of the advertising world, this study shows that an ad professional is also more likely to puke at an office holiday party than someone of another profession. As opposed to paging through an extensive article on the topic I found the data visualization to be not only more aesthetically appealing but also more concise and informative. I now understand why Erica termed this type of visual information as “sexy”. By representing the data in this way Heat has managed to relay statistics in an interesting fashion and capture a broader audience– including readers, like myself, who otherwise loathe both numbers and pie charts.


Because, as Erica claims, “a message is only as great as your ability to share it,” I believe this data visualization to be just that…great. An interesting topic on it’s own, this visual representation only enhances the data and statistical information supplied by the study.

If advertising professionals are known for social media exploitation and stereotypical bad behavior I must be in the right field…


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