Ferris Bueller’s Day Off has to be one of my all-time favorite movies. I’m gonna go ahead and say it definitely makes the top 3. This movie embodies one of my favorite themes of all time: living life in the moment and doing what you want to do. As I’ve mentioned in several other blogposts, there is no single idea which is of more importance to me. You can’t always plan for the future and you can’t always succumb to the norms of society and what others expect you to do. Instead it is essential that you go out and live life! Seize the day because today doesn’t last forever. It is only a matter of 24 short hours before today transforms into tomorrow–where every product of procrastination resides. You’ll always have tomorrow so why not celebrate today with a few skipped classes, a joy-ride or an impromptu performance of “Twist and Shout” in your city’s parade?

Yes, I know the Super Bowl was quite some time ago but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on an ad that payed tribute to one of my favorite movies. Created by Santa Monica, California-based agency RPA, the ad keeps from sullying the original movie by following Broderick in real life rather than trying to recreate the Ferris Bueller character. The spot featured Broderick himself (not his Ferris Bueller character) calling in sick to a film shoot and enjoying another day of slacking made possible by his Honda-CRV. RPA brought in comedy director Todd Phillips as well as launched a 10 second spot on the internet in order to ensure that the ad would be a Super Bowl success. And it was. Even before the ad aired during Super Bowl XLVI it was already a trending topic on Twitter and an instant YouTube sensation. With such a broad and loyal Ferris Bueller fandom still out there today I would expect nothing less. Though many who viewed the 10 second spot hoped for a sequel, I think the 2 minute commercial for Honda is about as close as we’re gonna get.



As for the agency behind the ad, RPA still manages to keep a low pro. National news coverage of the spot had largely omitted any reference to RPA but executive creative director Joe Baratelli says he’s not too concerned. He wants the publicity to go exclusively to Honda and notes that, “Buzz is good, and it’s great to get recognized for doing stellar work. But we try to shine the light on our clients rather than us. That’s our job.” Not only modest but wise words to live by in the ad world.


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