Buttered Cat = Infinite Energy

Bizarre cannot even begin to describe this ad for Flying Horse energy drink.

Its content did, in fact, have me lol’ing in the Knight Library despite it’s ridiculous plot line. After several encounters with admonishing eyes and an instantaneous re-collection of my former self, I deemed it’s message effective to say the least.

The impact of the ad on me personally might have had something to do with my love of cats and the hilarity I attribute to anything with feline involvement. The idea that cats always land on their feet meshed with the concept of buttered toast always falling butter-side down lay the groundwork for this commercial–the indirect source of my library humiliation.

Adweek writer Gabriel Beltrone (as well as Wikipedia) labels this phenomena: the buttered-cat paradox, a term I didn’t even know existed until reading his Adfreak article. He too comments on Ogilvy & Mather Brazil’s ability to amuse its audience with outlandish scenarios while still emphasizing the energy drink itself. He encourages his readers to, “Laugh on, and hope the same formula hasn’t actually found it’s way into your beverage.”


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