Pepsi’s New Global Campaign: YOLO

I find it interesting that Pepsi’s newest global campaign (as well as rap artist Drake’s song entitled The Motto) manages to successfully illustrate the aphorism on which I’ve based my entire life– You Only Live Once. Though their newest television ad seems somewhat apocalyptic, I commend their attempt at portraying a theme I hold in such high esteem. So high in fact, that I based my This I Believe assignment (for all you Gateway kids out there) on the concept of “living for the now”.

Here I will share with you an excerpt from said assignment:

What’s so great about the future? I believe that the way we perceive the present is just as, if not more significant than our visualization of tomorrow. Even the most organized and goal-oriented of people have to live life day by day. The future is always within reach but a moment can pass you by, which is why I am actively competing to transcend society’s relentless emphasis on the future; starting to live for the now and not some distant overrated achievement; ensuring that at the end of my days I’ll know that I lived each minute to its fullest, never regretting the time I spent with those close to me…
I am not condemning goals for the future nor am I promoting the eradication of aims and intentions. I am, however, announcing my theory that an excessive emphasis on the future impedes the ability to seize the opportunities which are currently available. While you read this paper, while you eat dinner tonight, while the little hand on the clock moves aimlessly forward into the abyss of tomorrow opportunities exist should you recognize them. Utilize the day because with night comes sleep and the rendered inability to do anything but dream.

While Adweek commentator, Emma Bazilian, criticizes TBWA\Chiat\Day’s “end of times” vibe which she claims is “played out at this point”, I believe a commercial like this is just the comeback that Pepsi needs. In the past few years PepsiCo Inc. has been focusing less of it’s tv ads on the star beverage and more on it’s health-conscious image, emphasizing products like fruit juice, oatmeal, and Gatorade. Now Pepsi is reverting to its old ways and highlighting its soda with the help of A-list music celebrities. It’s newest commercial stars singer Nicki Minaj.

I will admit that I find the tomato fight towards the middle of the commercial somewhat random and unrealistic, however, the overall message of Pepsi’s newest campaign is light-hearted and caters successfully to young adults. I feel the “Now in a Moment” theme resonates most strongly with this target audience because college students and the like often need a break from reality. While we are constantly bombarded with the impending future: the need to get our lives in order, pave a career path, and prepare for what lies ahead, it is these simple moments of uninterrupted bliss which get us through the day.


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