We Rise Together

I’ve seen this commercial possibly a million times. Though the message is inspirational on its own, it is the way it is presented that truly engenders a genuine reaction. Above the Influence an advertising campaign of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign conducted by the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the United States sends the message that in abstaining from drugs and alcohol you are not alone. To give teens the strength to stand up to societal pressures, the ad campaing is offering “hard facts about drugs, reasons why living Above the Influence is better than living under, and stories from real teens.” Its newest commercial features various young people explaining how and why they choose to stay above. What’s even more influential is that they do this through social media. The commercial shows YouTube videos that teens submitted themselves as part of the We Rise Together campaign. It also shows them “liking” Above the Influence on Facebook to let the audience know that millions of others feel the same way about drug and alcohol abuse as they do.This sense of online community acts as a support system in the ad encourages non-abusers to “stay strong” and “just be yourself”. In todays society it is hard to define oneself on his or her own. Most of the time we need help and motivation from others to fight societal pressures. This ad effectively demonstrates that help and the calling to share your story. It could be the difference between use and abuse in someone else’s life.


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