In Honor of My Brother’s Birthday

In all honesty this ad campaign for Tipp-Ex white out has to be one of the most interactive of it’s kind. Created by French agency Buzzman A Hunter____ a Bear is a truly unique YouTube experience. Keeping me occupied for hours, which could have easily been spent on the production of five more blog posts, the first Tipp-Ex Bear commercial took audience involvement to a whole new level. Though distributing the advertisements through more than one page is somewhat annoying, it is also genius. The creative minds at Buzzman knew the power of YouTube and utilized its immense audience to their advantage. By adding an element of interactivity they not only presented Tipp-Ex white out in an innovative way, but also created a YouTube sensation responsible for many lost hours at the office (or library in my case). At first the ad starts like any other YouTube video but towards the end the viewer is given the option to either “shoot the bear” or “not shoot the bear” either link takes you to a new window where Tippexperience a custom YouTube experience resides. On this page the hunter white’s out (with Tipp Ex of course) the word “shoots” in Hunter Shoots a Bear and asks the viewer to type anything he or she wishes in its stead. By writing things like “drinks with” and “dances with” the viewer can then watch sequences in which the bear and hunter do various activities together. All in all it’s pretty cool.

But the creatives at Buzzman must have known that today was my little brother’s 16th birthday because they decided to launch their newest attraction, the sequel entitled “Hunter and Bear’s 2012 Birthday Party” just 6 hours ago. In this segment our two favorite characters the hunter and the bear are back in action having what appears to be a birthday party. A meteor approaches and the viewer is given another ultimatum, either “end the party” or “don’t end the party”. Regardless of which option the viewer chooses he or she is again taken to Tippexperience 2, a second custom YouTube page. With a little help from some Tipp Ex white out tape the title becomes “Hunter and Bear’s ______ Party” where the viewer is instructed to type any year in which he or she wishes to continue the party. By typing in different years different hunter/bear segments stereotypical of that particular year are shown. Needless to say this is more of a Tipex-takeover than a Tipex-perience. Not often do I find myself spending over 5 minutes on the same YouTube video.

Also a shout out to Ryan Peart, my favorite (and only) brother in the entire universe! On this day you came into the world and there isn’t a day that’s gone by where I haven’t been thankful for your glorious existence. I miss you but we shall be reunited in approximately three weeks. Until then I love you and GO GET YOUR LICENSE! I know you don’t want your big sister chauffeuring you around forever! Or maybe you do…?


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