Ice Cream Lockdown

A way to safeguard my ice cream? Now that’s innovation. Thanks to the Euphori-lock, an invention that literally lets you lock up your favorite Ben and Jerry’s pint, I can sleep at night knowing my ice cream is safe from my roommates and their wandering spoons. Available soon, this gadget physically represents just how precious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is. John Russell, Director of Marketing at Tillamook, described the company side of advertising in creative strat this morning.  As opposed to the agency side of advertising this idea comes from the company (client) side. The Ben and Jerry’s brand  is responsible for its own marketing and projects such as this. It was actually a fan who came up with the concept for the Euphori-lock, Ben & Jerry’s merely appropriated the resources to make this ice cream dream a reality. John Russell would have put this piece of branded merchandise in the “bucket” category of Marketing entitled Other. But regardless of where this invention is placed in the spectrum of Ben and Jerry’s’ marketing it is nonetheless genius and speaks effectively to the customer’s needs. Ice cream security is no joke, especially if you like to savor your pints the way I do (most people do not have this ability, it’s a gift).


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