Siri-meets-celebrity Campaign

In Apple’s newest iPhone campaign celebrities get personal with Siri–the voice- activated assistant for the iPhone 4. Zooey Deschanel converses with Siri about the weather and puts in an order for tomato soup after deciding to stay inside. Samuel L Jackson uses Siri’s help to plan date night. And in Apple’s latest installment John Malkovich gets personal with Siri, interacting with her as one would with any human being. Rather than asking about the weather or how many ounces are in a cup Malkovich talks “life” with Siri and it seems as if the two really do understand each other.  In his second commercial Malkovich asks a series of one-word questions which with Siri answers in full detail. She even cracks an iPhone joke. Showing Siri’s interactions with these actors gives a better idea of how one individual could best make use of the personal assistant over the course of a day. As opposed to Apple’s previous commercials which tend to focus solely on the product these new spots use celebrities in their advertising. In allowing their audience to see people interact with the products, Apple is attempting to be not only high-tech but relateable as well.  I believe TBWA\Media Arts Lab effectively created a campaign to make Siri your new best friend.


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