Big Tree House or a Small Tree House?

I know it’s been a while since my last post. Forgive me, junior year has been far more strenuous than I initially anticipated. Between applying for scholarships (something my father insists that I do), schoolwork, and hounding Seattle Ad agencies to see which are in need of a summer intern, my spare time is just that…spare.

This post, however, is not to discuss my personal life so much as my favorite tv advertisements as of late. I’ve got to hand it to BBDO Atlanta as the commercials they’ve produced as part of AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” campaign are creating a serious amount of buzz, and rightfully so. My family appreciates them so much that they’ve become part of an inside joke among us. We quote them even when they’re not airing. They’ve made an impression to say the least. Mimicking professional focus groups, these commercials follow Beck Bennett, an actor famous for his YouTube series “Fresh Perspectives”, as he moderates a group of kindergarten correspondents. While Beck plays a cynical John Stewart-like character, his interaction with the kids is sarcastic yet tasteful. I believe these tv advertisements masterfully balance both creativity and professional humor–2 characteristics I admire in the ad world. They use the children in order to call attention to the “bigger” concept, literally. By asking, “What’s better, a big tree house or a small tree house?” Bennett is indirectly referencing the scope of AT&T’s broadband network and how uncomplicated the decision is for those seeking excellent coverage. Even the kids know that bigger is better.

Though these commercial have been around since before the holiday season, BBDO’s recently produced some newer versions catered specifically to the NCAA “March Madness’ Tournament. As a sports fan, I find these versions especially hilarious and relevant. Not only do they highlight aspects of the tournament and basketball in general, they again make the audience think about AT&T’s superior service. Any company that has me laughing out loud, due to creative adverting of course, must have the product to back it up…right? Again it is the creative minds behind the scenes that have the largest impact. With talent on both sides of the camera, it is the power of advertising that never ceases to amaze me.

In terms of balancing my overly busy and often times overlapping college schedule I should follow the kids’ simplistic advice. Just like a “pickle-role”, doing two things at once is always the more productive option.

Doing two things at once is better.


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