Unveiling of a New Chapter

Ta-da! Finally my website is complete…empty, but complete. I have yet to create anything I deem professional enough to put in a portfolio that will be looked at by future employers. I’m neither worried nor discouraged. I have created a platform on which I will build my career. I’m only a sophomore therefore I have a lot […]

Siri-meets-celebrity Campaign

In Apple’s newest iPhone campaign celebrities get personal with Siri–the voice- activated assistant for the iPhone 4. Zooey Deschanel converses with Siri about the weather and puts in an order for tomato soup after deciding to stay inside. Samuel L Jackson uses Siri’s help to plan date night. And in Apple’s latest installment John Malkovich gets […]

We Rise Together

I’ve seen this commercial possibly a million times. Though the message is inspirational on its own, it is the way it is presented that truly engenders a genuine reaction. Above the Influence an advertising campaign of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign conducted by the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the United States sends the message that in abstaining from drugs and […]

Buttered Cat = Infinite Energy

Bizarre cannot even begin to describe this ad for Flying Horse energy drink. Its content did, in fact, have me lol’ing in the Knight Library despite it’s ridiculous plot line. After several encounters with admonishing eyes and an instantaneous re-collection of my former self, I deemed it’s message effective to say the least. The impact of […]

Pepsi’s New Global Campaign: YOLO

I find it interesting that Pepsi’s newest global campaign (as well as rap artist Drake’s song entitled The Motto) manages to successfully illustrate the aphorism on which I’ve based my entire life– You Only Live Once. Though their newest television ad seems somewhat apocalyptic, I commend their attempt at portraying a theme I hold in […]

Mourning to Night

The loss of someone close to you is inexplicable. If by some miracle you can find the means to accept it, attaining closure is nearly impossible. With this being said, the passing of my friend Lil Pagenstecher had a complicated effect on me. Lil and I were never extremely close but her absence now effects my […]